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"I have never had so many openings in my life!" This was in an email that was just sent to me by one of my friends and customers. Sound familiar? It's not the first time I've heard it.

It seems that the number one priorities for most leaders today are 1. Find Employees and 2. Keep Employees.

Where has everyone gone? Well, there are many reasons for the workforce shortage and it goes beyond "nobody wants to work anymore." For starters, many Baby Boomers have retired over the past 3 years and, while Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest generation, they are, by and large, more entrepreneurial. They look at work very differently than the older generations did. On top of that, the ability to connect from anywhere has made the freedom of remote work more appealing. 

Still, there are plenty of people who prefer to work in person and are looking for a place where they can make a real difference. (Also really important to Millennials and Gen. Z) You just have to be a little more creative to find them.

Here are 10 Ways to Find Employees in this changing world of work:

1. Google & Social Ads: If you haven't already, start working with your marketing team to change the messaging around your recruitment ads. They will have some ideas beyond "we have an opening and it's a great place to work." Then start expanding where you post these ads. Depending on your target market, consider Google Ads, or Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, or other social outlets. This takes skill, so find the person in your department who knows how to test and watch the ads or hire a consultant to help you.

2. Get Your Team On Board: This idea was shared by one of the members of our Red Carpet Culture Club. She armed her current team members with business cards. Whenever they are out and about and experience great service, or see someone serving with the energy they desire on their team, they pass them a card with a suggestion that they come in for an interview. Sometimes the best way to find employees is to look for people who are already employed.

3. Use Video: Again, to find employees, start thinking like a marketer. Get your current employees to talk about what they love about your workplace on video. Share those videos everywhere on social media and on your website. Ask your team members to share them. This offers social proof that your company is a great place to work.

4. Partner with Schools: Here's another idea that came from a Red Carpet Culture Club member.  Partner with a trade school and offer to do mock interviews with the students. This member shared that once they were done, they invited all the students to their organization for a tour, gave them all real interviews, hired all of them, and as of the time we talked, retained them all too! 

5. Partner with a Local Realtor: Realtors have their hands on the pulse of who is moving into the area and might be looking for a job! That's a great idea I got from this article  - and there are more to spare! 

6. Start Speaking: Send someone out on the speaking circuit to give presentations about your organization. Book speeches at your local church, schools, chambers, and associations. Bring employees with you, if you can, to tell stories that relate to the difference they make in your company and how it makes them feel. 

7. Partner with Schools Part Two: Start an intergenerational or volunteer program or internship through local schools. Get to know the students and offer interviews to those who might make great team members. 

8. Reach out to Past Employees: Perhaps they've forgotten how wonderful they had it at your company. Stay in touch in case they decide they might want to come back or if you have a different position to offer them. 

9. Stay In Touch: One way to find employees is to stay in regular touch with people who have applied for jobs with your company but weren't hired in the past. Stay in front of them through newsletters, email, direct mail, video, and invitations to special events. 

10. Be Flexible: Finally, if you are going to find employees in today's marketplace, you must be open to doing things differently. Consider what it's going to take to attract people today. Instead of fighting with those who want to work remotely, make a study of how to build a culture with remote workers. If the jobs you offer absolutely require people to be at your location, how could you be more flexible with scheduling? Consider job-sharing, seasonal work, or other uncommon ways of working. 

If you want to find and keep employees today, you can't rely on what worked for you four years ago. A different world means it's time for different approaches. What will you try today? 

Donna Cutting is the author of Employees First: Inspire, Engage, and Focus on the HEART of Your Organization. (Career Press, 2022) and the Founder of Red-Carpet Learning Worldwide. 


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