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We help mission-driven leaders co-create cultures of happy, caring people who consistently deliver red carpet customer service.

Donna Cutting, CSP

Founder & CEO, Workplace Culture & Customer Service Expert

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Imagine a workplace where people love to work and customers love to do business!

A place where each individual feels safe, and happy, and full of purpose. Where leaders inspire and empower people, and team members collaborate and innovate. A team that is committed and energized by your mission and where both employees and customers become advocates for your organization.

Imagine a place where leaders show up for their team and each individual brings their best to work. Where people work with pride, lifting each other up and unleashing their star quality.

A people-centered place where diverse people come together to work for a purpose greater than themselves and where each interaction is treated as an opportunity to be a bright spot in someone else’s day!

A culture that attracts the best and brightest who turn prospects into customers and customers into raving fans. At Red-Carpet Learning, this is what we work toward. We’re making the world a more compassionate and exhilarating place, one workplace at a time.

Perhaps, as a mission-driven leader, the scenario above is your reality...sometimes. Other times it looks like this. 

  • Inability to attract and retain the best people.
  • Whole departments working in silos which results in miscommunication.
  • Employees who are exhausted, burnt out, disengaged.
  • People who are there physically, but not in heart or mind. (Presenteeism)
  • A team that understands the mission, but not how to use it in day-to-day interactions.
  • An inconsistent service experience. Some people roll out the red carpet, others...not so much.
  • Team members who complain to customers
  • Ghosting by new hires early in their tenure
  • Customer service that is rote instead of Heartfelt
  • Negative employee and customer reviews

You’re not alone…

Almost 4 million American workers quit their jobs in 2021 (Market Watch)

Only 20% of employees globally are engaged (Gallup)

44% of full-time employees express feeling burnt out (HR Executive)

Workers daily stress reached a record high of 43% in 2020. Roughly 7 in 10 employees are struggling or suffering rather than thriving in their overall lives and US & Canadian employees reported the highest levels of daily stress in the world at 57% (Gallup)

According to the 2019 Retention Report conducted by the Work Institute, there has been an 88% increase in U.S. employee turnover since 2010, and the global talent shortage in April 2020 was almost double what it was ten years prior. With all the focus on employee retention and engagement strategies, the numbers have been getting worse, not better.

Employee experience has a significant impact on customer experience, especially in organizations where team members directly interact with customers, patients, residents, and clients.

79% of employees at companies with above-average customer experience are highly engaged in their jobs, compared to 49% of employees with only average or below-average customer experience. (Future of Work)

Companies with strong cultures earn 4X the revenue than other organizations. (Forbes)

So what’s a mission-driven leader to do ?

It’s time to Reignite and Reimagine your employee and customer experience!

What do people need most from their leaders right now?

Hope! Inspiration! And a Clear Path Forward!

At Red Carpet Learning
we help you with Culture, People, and Service. Why all three? Because you can’t have one without the other. You can’t roll out the red carpet for your customers until you have happy and engaged people on your team. You won’t have happy people on your team until you have a safe, caring, and empowering culture. They all work together.


  • Create a compelling vision and strong sense of purpose.
  • Promote people with the ability to inspire and lead others.
  • Help leaders become coaches & mentors rather than managers.
  • Reinforce the message through transparent and creative communication.
  • Align your operations: Hiring, Onboarding, Role Modeling, etc.


  • Create a safe, diverse, & inclusive workplace. Care for the wellbeing of each individual.
  • Listen to and Involve diverse people at all levels of the organization.
  • Eliminate Silos and Create Connections.
  • Show Authentic Appreciation.
  • Provide possibilities for growth and development for ALL.


  • Get everyone speaking the same language of service.
  • Create a sense of ownership by cultivating Ambassadors.
  • Focus on three areas: Technical/Clinical, Hospitality, WOW
  • Measure and Celebrate Success
  • Commit to Continuous Improvement


Red-Carpet Learning provided excellent training and a development framework to deepen our culture of service at Living Branches. We did not want a program du jour but something that became deeply embedded in all of us. Donna and her team delivered the goods!

Edward Brubaker, CEO of Living Branches

I had the pleasure of first hearing Donna speak at a Dental Conference (AADOM) several years ago. She was absolutely amazing. I then had the pleasure to attend one of her training courses. My husband and I attended together, as he is part owner in my dental consulting company, and it has been a game changer for my business! Donna is truly a customer service expert! Be sure to attend one of her courses, grab one of her books, or just go ahead and hire her to train your team. You will not be disappointed, you’ll only wish you’d done it sooner.

Angela Clayton, President, Clayton Consulting Services, Inc.

Donna took the time to learn all of the details and nuances of our field so that by the time she was filming the course, you would guess she had been in the orthopedic industry for years. The resulting interactive course exceeded even our high expectations!

Alyssa Gibson, former Director of Education, American Alliance of Orthopaedic Executives

When we have a need around customer service, the statement is Call Donna!

Laurie Johnson, Chief Ambulatory Officer at USC Care Medical Group, Keck Medicine of USC

Red-Carpet Learning did not provide a cookie-cutter solution. Donna and her team listened to our needs and found solutions that fit in our environment. This new customer service program is the beginning phase of creating a service culture.

Cori Whitacre, former VP of Organizational Development, Penn National Gaming

Every step we take with Donna and her team, they kick it up a notch!

Steve McAlilly, CEO, Methodist Senior Services

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