The Red Carpet Way

Who We Are

Why We Do It

How We Roll

Our Mission:

We strive to uplift humanity through heart-centered connections and unforgettable shared experiences.

How We Do It

 We deliver dynamic and interactive learning & development programs focused on customer service and employee experience and use them to foster positive human-to-human connections in an increasingly disconnected and transactional world.

Our Brand Promise:

Workplace Transformation that's Inclusive, Interactive, and Fun! 

Our Core Values:

Our company values are the same values held by our Founder, Donna Cutting. They guide our decision-making and we strive to live by them every single day.


To take care of others, we must take care of ourselves. We build and maintain a strong foundation for the company and practice work-life balance. We set boundaries accordingly.


We place a priority on people. Our co-workers, customers, colleagues, and fans. This means we check-in, deeply listen, respond to, and care about each other.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We celebrate our differences and honor our common humanity. All voices are welcome and have a seat at our table. We intentionally surround ourselves with diverse people and diversity of thought.


We strive to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, we surprise and delight with “movie moments,” and in everything we do….we have fun!

& Compassion

We lead with empathy and respect and expect the same from our customers and colleagues. We try to use each interaction to be a bright light in someone else’s day.


We continually research and learn so we are providing relevant information, products, and services that help our customers get a return on their investment.

Here are Ten Things to Know About the Red Carpet Way!


It’s not about customer service.

Oh yes, we teach customer service, employee engagement, and company culture - but our purpose goes deeper than that. It’s about the way we treat each other and we believe that our workplace interactions are our opportunity to practice being kinder, more compassionate, and more helpful.


Red Carpet Customer Service

Is about making that person in front of you right now feel significant and special. Each interaction is our opportunity to be a bright light in someone else’s day! This applies to customers, co-workers, team members, and all people.


We give back.

Each time you make a purchase or sign an agreement with Red-Carpet Learning, we donate a percentage of our earnings to organizations working to make the world a better place. Some of the organizations we contribute to include Together We Can Change the World, Second Wind Dreams, Lollipop Theatre, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids, The Red Cross, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and others.


Sustainable Change

Takes Everyone On the Team. If you truly want to build a culture of happy people who deliver red-carpet customer service, then you don’t want an HR program. You want a way of being in your company. This takes everyone. We work with senior leaders, middle managers, and supervisors to help you define and deliver on behaviors that create your culture. We especially LISTEN to your direct line and back-of-the-house team members to better understand what’s happening in your organization. We involve everyone at all levels of the organization in the process of rolling out your message and consistently keeping it front and center. You cannot delegate sustainable change to one department - it takes commitment and involvement from everyone on the team!


All Are Welcome Here.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are at the heart of everything we do and everything we strive to become. When we say “Everyone deserves a little star treatment,” we mean everyone. Diverse perspectives make us all better and the more people you include, the richer your experience.

At Red Carpet Learning we welcome and involve all people regardless of race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, identity, or disabilities. We celebrate diverse perspectives and we want you to have the freedom to be your authentic selves.


We Play with Compassionate, Caring, and Kind People.

We are committed to your success and will work with you to help you achieve your goals. We work through challenges with respectful and caring demeanors and expect the same from you. If you tolerate bullies on your leadership team, we may not be for you.


We Have FUN!

Like Mary Poppins said, A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down. Life is too short not to enjoy every moment. One of our core values is to Make Memories and our education programs are no exception. It’s typical for people to walk away and say “WOW! That was more fun than I thought it would be!” When we’re laughing, the learning is more impactful.


We Don’t Want to Be Anyone’s Checkbox or Flavor of the Month.

We create all of our educational programs so they will result in behavior change, not so you can check a box. While we’re always striving to make them more convenient, our purpose is to help you create the shift you’re looking for in your organization. So, regardless of the medium, you can expect interactivity, inclusive and honest conversations, and ongoing connection so you can experience the transformation you seek.

At the same time, this takes commitment from you. There is no magic wand approach to solving problems like employee turnover and poor customer service. Especially in a whole new, ever-changing world. We will give our best to you and we ask the same of our customers.


Our Services Have Value and so we charge money for them.

We don’t work for exposure. We are a for-profit company. We try to give many choices so there is something for everyone’s budget. This includes our custom programs, speaking engagements, books and writing, online courses, and more. We ask that you respect our copyright. It’s just good karma.


We Also Try to Be Generous.

When you pay for our services, it allows us to generously give some things away for free. Visit our YouTube channel, connect on LinkedIn, or subscribe to our newsletter for really helpful tips that we just give away! Connect with us on Instagram and read one of our many articles.

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