Can you shift your culture in 7-Minutes a Day or Less?

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7 Minutes or Less?

What if I told you that you could begin to re-energize your people and revitalize your culture in 7 minutes a day or less? While it is true that there are some programs and initiatives that are needed to meet the demands of a changing workforce, the biggest difference you can make in your workplace culture happens in the day-to-day interactions with your team!

Members of the Red-Carpet Culture Club are out to test that theory and have taken on the 7-Minute Culture Cure (TM) Challenge. In teams of 7 they are choosing seven 7-Minute actions they can take over a 7-day period to uplift people in the workplace and begin the process of regenerating enthusiasm! 

We've given our members 77 action ideas to choose from, but I thought I'd share just a couple with you! They fall guessed it....7 themes! 


Write a handwritten note praising someone's work. 


Call a team member to thank them.


Ask a team member about their long-term goals and how you might help them.


Gather your team, put on music, and dance for 7 minutes.


Learn one thing about a team member you didn't know before. 


Create a quick and easy welcome sign for a new co-worker.


Spend 7 minutes thinking about a point of contention from the other person's perspective.

While you may not YET be in the Red-Carpet Culture Club, we invite you to informally take the challenge. Spend 7 days taking 7 culture-building actions that take 7-Minutes or less. Then email me at [email protected] and let me know what you did and how it felt. Once you've done it for seven days try it for 77 days and experience the positive results! 


Donna Cutting is the Founder & CEO of Red-Carpet Learning and the Creator of the Red-Carpet Culture Club. She's written 3 books on customer and employee experience, including her latest Employees First! Inspire, Engage, and Focus on the HEART of Your Organization. 



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