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Welcome to the Custom Experience

The Red-Carpet Custom Experience is no cookie-cutter solution.

It’s not a process based on some other company’s success.

It’s not some stale, old off-the-shelf curriculum.

It’s All About YOU!

The Custom Experience is for you if:

  • You want to define actionable service standards and get your team to speak the same language of service.
  • You want a custom on-demand, multi-module curriculum on “soft skills” topics.
  • You want to revitalize your orientation and onboarding experience.
  • You want a sustainable mentoring program for new hires.
  • You have a new company and you want to intentionally define your culture.
  • You want someone to create and deliver a series of live virtual training sessions.
  • You tell us!

Whatever we’re designing for you, it’s ALL about you! Your industry, your company, your culture, your people, your program! Here’s the step-by-step process we use for every custom experience, so that we’re designing and delivering something that is reflective of who YOU are!

Discover: We use a multi-pronged approach to learn about your industry, your company, your people, and your goals. This can include virtual interviews, reviewing materials, focus groups, assessments, and more depending on the project. The key is to involve as many people as possible in the process so it’s YOURS and people take ownership of the ultimate experience.

Develop: Once we’re clear on who you are and what you want to accomplish, we develop materials. Depending on the project this could include curriculum design, video production, creating facilitator guides and participant playbooks, articles, podcasts, etc.

Deliver: When the materials are completed to your satisfaction, we move into the delivery phase. This could mean leadership seminars, train-the-trainer programs, ongoing virtual sessions, etc.

Drive: We don’t want to be anyone’s flavor of the month. We want to bring you an experience that will be a sustainable part of your culture. To that end, we offer ongoing coaching or support for certain projects to ensure it stays alive for many years to come.

Deepen: In some cases, we may decide to go deeper after your initial project. At the completion of each project, we’ll recommend continued connection, if appropriate, so you can take the experience to the next great level.

Email us at [email protected] to discuss your custom project.

Case Study

The leaders of a senior living organization with 12 locations wanted to define what it meant to deliver on their mission on a day-to-day basis. Through a number of interviews with team members at every level of the organization, we identified 10 service standards. We worked with our production company to create top-notch videos for their new hire orientation and customer service training and created a curriculum around those service standards. We then delivered a Train-the-Trainer program arming some of their employees with the skills they needed to deliver the curriculum and supported them as they spread the message throughout their organization. They saw results such as fewer falls and urinary tract infections as a direct result of the service training. New residents moved in citing the friendliness of the staff, and their employee engagement scores went to the top of the charts, even winning awards from the benchmarking organization. They are still using the language and the curriculum many years later.

Case Study

A large entertainment industry entity was looking for customized live virtual training for the customer service representatives in their call center. They work with high-profile customers who were often very demanding. We worked closely with the company to create a custom curriculum that would help their call center representatives with specific scenarios they dealt with every day. The training was two days long. After the first day, the call center reps still had a few hours on the clock. They tried the techniques they were learning and came back the second day raving about the results. One particularly demanding customer even praised the rep at the end of the call. They were so thankful for the new tools to help them do their jobs better.

Case Study

An association was looking for a multi-module online curriculum for customer service that their members could share with their employees. Red-Carpet worked with the association to learn about their industry, meet with members, design a curriculum specific to their language and needs, create visuals and interactive activities, and film the modules. This has become one of their most popular online training programs.

Case Study

Leaders in a casino company with multiple locations read Donna’s first book The Celebrity Experience: Insider Secrets to Delivering Red-Carpet Customer Service and asked for a curriculum to support it. Red-Carpet did a deep dive into the casino industry and create a training program that was specifically designed for their needs. We then put their education directors through a train-the-trainer program and the curriculum was rolled out throughout the company. It was one of the most effective and well-received training they had done to date and the company used the modules for many years.

Case Study

The ambulatory division of a hospital was rolling out a new employee engagement seminar for new managers. They decided to pair long-time managers with the newer ones in a mentoring program. Red-Carpet was hired to design, develop and deliver a live virtual education program on how to become a new mentor. The sessions were very well received and have become an integral part of their ongoing employee engagement efforts.

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For years, our members have been begging us for a multi-module Customer Service Course tailored specifically to their industry, orthopedic practice management. When we finally decided to take the plunge and begin work on this project, we knew we needed to find a speaker who was engaging, understood our industry, and skilled at course development. We knew it wouldn’t be an easy task.

Through a recommendation, we were connected with Donna. We were instantly impressed with her background and experience, and made the decision to hire her to help us develop and deliver this on-demand certificate course. Right away, she began conducting interviews with our members and doing extensive research to understand the industry, even spending a day in one of our member’s orthopedic practices to see and feel their day-to-day experience. We’re an industry with many, many acronyms and unique terminology, and Donna took the time to learn all of these details and nuances so that by the time she was filming the course, you would guess that she had been in the orthopedic industry for years.

In just a matter of weeks, Donna scripted an 11-module course, complete with compelling PowerPoints, knowledge quizzes, and a Learner’s Guide that walks participants through activities to reinforce lessons learned. Because this course was designed for our members to share with their front desk customer service staff, Donna even developed an administrator’s guide with activities for them to do with their staff. The end result was an interactive on-demand course that focuses on active learning. It exceeded even our own high expectations for what this course could be!

I highly recommend Donna if you are looking to “wow” your members or customers with a truly unique and impactful learning experience.

Allyssa Gibson, former Director of Education
American Alliance of Orthopaedic Executives

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